Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo 2018

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5, 6, 7 June 2018
Hall C2, Messe Stuttgart, Germany

Developing an autonomous vehicle? You need to attend this show!

In 2017, 2,078 unique trade visitors attended the Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo hall
503 delegates and conference attendees | 120 speakers | 43 exhibitors on show | 57 countries attended

With handpicked, exclusive exhibitors and three dedicated conferences, you’ll find everything you need to conceive, develop and validate your autonomous vehicle.

This international event covers all modes of automated personal transportation, from passenger cars to trucks.

Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo, will showcase, discuss and debate everything you need to develop your intelligent vehicle, from the obvious autonomous vehicle driving software, sensors and communication systems, to tyres and wheels for autonomous vehicles, or complete vehicle concepts. The conferences include the Autonomous Vehicle Interior Design & Technology Symposium, the Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium, and the Autonomous Vehicle Software Symposium.

The event is co-located with Engine Expo, Automotive Interiors Expo and Automotive Testing Expo, the world’s largest vehicle test and development technologies exhibition, visitors to Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo will also see countless ADAS validation systems and service providers. Furthermore, the exhibition is part of Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo, which showcase everything from interior designs, materials and concepts to next-generation powertrain components and complete power concepts, plus vehicle materials, fastening solutions, lighting technologies, safety systems, and so much more! Almost 800 exhibitors participate – and those exhibiting exclusively at Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo will only showcase systems that are specifically for autonomous vehicles. We’ve handpicked companies to participate, looking only for those with pioneering autonomous vehicle know-how.

So if you are working on an autonomous vehicle, you need to attend Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo! Entry to the exhibition is free, but a fee applies to attend the conference.

What will you see and hear about at the exhibition and in the conference?

Complete vehicle concepts at Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo

Creation and validation of ‘driverless’ vehicles at Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo

Sensors and communication systems at Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo

Components and advanced technologies at Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo

  • Autonomous vehicle driving/instructional software
  • Next-generation wireless communications
  • Sensors
  • Mapping/navigational technologies
  • Engineering partners and experts for autonomous vehicles
  • Autonomous vehicle infrastructure solutions and technologies
  • Autonomous vehicle interior concepts
  • Components and advanced technologies especially for and enabled by autonomous vehicles
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle recognition systems
  • Investment and partner-seeking opportunities
  • Driverless vehicle components and technologies
  • Vehicle-to-roadside communication technologies
  • Complete vehicle concepts and pioneering ideas
  • Development, testing and validation best practices

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Venue Information

Venue Address

Hall C2
Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH
Messepiazza 1
70629 Stuttgart

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Opening Times

Tuesday 5 June
10:00hrs - 17:00hrs

Wednesday 6 June
10:00hrs - 17:45hrs*

*Free drinks party from
17:45hrs - 19:00hrs

Thursday 7 June
10:00hrs - 15:00hrs


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